NY: No Ship! RS seats, bent fat fives, trailing arms, misc. Cheap!

I need to clean out my dad’s shed before I head back to FL.

Set of RS seats front and rears. Black faded almost to palmy blue. $25 full set.

Unmatched black rear seat uppers: FREE!

2 bent fat 5 rims. Will supposedly cost more to fix than worth. Worth $12 in scrap each. $20 for pair.

Rear trailing arms. Nothing special. $20 each

90-91 short geared manual tranny. Needs syncros and seals. Will include decent clutch and pressure plate: $60

All prices negotiable and items to be picked up only. Text or call 845 threetwoone 3369 with questions. Parts are located in High Falls, NY. Will upload photos.


Are the trailing arm in New York or Fl? If they are in Fl I would like to pick them up from you.

interested in the driver seat. when are you returning to FL? ill be in nyc on the 10th and 11th of december. but if your leaving before then i might be able to go get it ealier

All the parts listed are in NY and will not be going with me to FL. I will however be scrapping my DA around February to build a GSR. Any parts that are not rusted to the shell will be up for grabs on that.

I would rather sell all the seats at once. The driver’s seat is obviously the most worn. I will be in NY until the 15th or so. I am about an hour and a half to two hours from the city though.

Would you be willing to ship trailing arms? If so email justinwood93@gmail.com

I really don’t have the time or patience to ship them. Got burned the last time I shipped something that big.

Bump. Back in NY for a couple weeks and still have this stuff.

Am interested in the trans, are you willing to meet up halfway?? Am coming from NJ…

I am actually only here for 10 days and don’t have my own vehicle up here. I may be in NYC over the weekend but am not sure I will be able to borrow a vehicle.

Hit me up with a text 845 threetwoone 3369

Thread Revival! I am back in NY for a visit and this stuff is all still in my dad’s shed and it is all FREE!

Is this stuff still available? i’m in nyc i can come and pic them up… hit me up 646 915 4074 Thanks…