o2 sensor help!

First off… BLARGH… lol

I bought a o2 sensor from ebay, supposed to be direct fit to my oem harness etc… page said it was for 92-93 integra 1.8 gs rs ls etc…

fast forward 2 weeks

I get the sensor its a 4 wire… :bawl::mad: kinda annoying… well… really annoying…

the company said send it back for a replacment and they’ll ship a new one… only thing is I gotta pay shipping both ways… and they wont ship anything other than ups… so in order for me to get a replacment I gotta pay 40 bucks shipping USD, thats almost 50 bucks CAD, a new one here is 56 bucks… (for multiple reasons I was under the influence that my b18 was 4 wire)…

My question is…

is there a way to use my 4 wire sensor on my car? lol… I am very experienced with soldering/splicing etc… just wanna see if there is a difference between these lol… I know theres a heater in it or something and the grounding is through another wire… but i don’t wanna splice this thing then be SOL cause I ruined the warrenty = (

anyone with this experience?

What year make and model is your car?
I was under the impression that 92-93 WAS
a 4 wire sensor. :read:

[QUOTE=AllmansTEG;2060091]What year make and model is your car?
I was under the impression that 92-93 WAS
a 4 wire sensor. :read:[/QUOTE]

so was I 92 gs…

92 /93 is a 4 wire an it is obd1 …90/91 is a one wire an it is obdo …hope that helps you…you sure you have a 92 ? maybe it a late model 91…just my .002

S a 91 the guy I bought it from told me it was a 92… I suppose it’s my fault for trusting a guy that was a family friend lol, oh well, funny thing is my vin says I’m supposed to have leather seats! Lol, so, back to my question can I use this o2 sensor by splicing or anything?

if it is a late 91 model then no the 4 wire sensor won’t work just send it back for a refund and grab a one wire sensor at Napa for like 15-20 bucks

I sent it back today, meh… I think he’s just gonna send me a single wire… that or he’s gonna refund me and I gotta go pick one up. one wire ones here are like 50 :frowning:

mine was 45 and its a bosch.