O2 sensor question

ok, so my 93 RS tends to bog down between 2k-3k rpm, I searched a bunch and found that it was probably the 02 sensor, so I jacked up the car and disconnected it, this seems to have cured the bogging issue. The check engine light turns on now as soon as I start the engine, I assume that’s normal considering it can’t find the sensor.

How long can I leave it like this? I know it’s gonna take a toll on my gas mileage, but can it damage the engine? exhaust? cat?

and where can I get a replacement, the acura dealership wants like $150 for it , fuck them.

Other than kill your gas milage it will probaly hurt the cat because of running rich over time. As for motor damage im not sure.

As for where to buy, if you dont want to go with bosch from auto parts, which I personaly use and havent had a problem.


$58.73 and that is brand new denso.

it wont seriously damage ur engine but it will put deposits on ur valves and spark plugs that will keep them firing fully. they will still work just not to their full potential.