o2 sensor running from header problem

The o2 sensor running off of my header got busted when changing my transmission, accidentally pulled the cord from the sensor out of the wiring harness that is attached to the tranny, It sets off the check engine light. I tried just putting the u shaped connector back into the harness but that doesnt fix it. heh

I have a parts car with a good sensor on it, one problem though, i cannot get the wiring harness apart that holds the o2 sensors wire. I looked in chilton manual and all it said was “remove the o2 sensor’s wiring harness” doesnt tell how to get it apart thoguh, i tried to pull it apart, use a screw driver to pry apart, but no where to pry, and thers a ltitle metal clip i tried pushing up and down while pulling apart and nothing. I cant get it apart…

any suggestions? thanks

cut and splice :up:

you dont understand i cant cut and splice, the part thats damaged is the wiring harness, not the sensor itself.

Man this is hard to explain. All I can remember is that it’s nothing you would expect. The whatever moves some other way (LOL) I feel bad cause I wish I could help more but I just can’t explain it. Like whatever you think you would do to pull the clips apart, you do the opposite. Plus if I remember right two of us were doing it on the car so it was easier.

just mess with it…eventually it will come apart…i remember me and Dan (redstargsr) were taking mine off and we couldn’t get off after like a 1/2 hour…we asked his girlfriend at the time to come out and see if she could do it…she did it about 30 seconds…try to get a girl to do it…it worked for us…ha
good luck,
Dan :stuck_out_tongue:

lol okay ill mess with it a whole bunch, hahahah… well the problem has burned up my cat now, erf thats a pricey part… stupid o2 sensor… why cant you be more cooperative, the transmission took less brain power than you did…:gun2: