OBD-0 To OBD-2 Conversion Harness...Help!!!

Does Anybody Now If These OBD-0 To OBD-2 Conversion Harness’s…R Legit…I Gotz My B18C5-R…Just Gathering As Much (Info/Parts) As I Can…Before I Start The Project…Thanks…If Anybody Can Give Me Some Heads Ups I Would Appreciate It…N Yes I Have Searched N Read All The Bullentins, About The Swap…Its Just I’m Lookin To See If Anybody Has Used This Harness or Would They Recommend It…Please Let Me Know…Project Iz Goin In A (90 2Dr 5spd Ls Teg)…Heres The Site…Thanks Again!!!..


Rywire is one of the best there is. And stop using all caps; thank god for word filters.

I have their OBD0 → OBD1 conversion harness, have about 10k miles on it, ~10 months of use. No problems out of mine. Craftmanship is very good on the harness. They are not cheap, but are worth it.

So if your looking for actual use on their harnesses, I give them :up: :up: :up: One for the craftmanship, one for them answering all my questions via email and phone quickly, and one for giving me an extra fan motor adapter I didn’t realize I needed. And another :up: for giving me the fan adapter for free.

I am all thumbs… heh.

Thanks guys…but has anybody out here…ever used the obd0 to obd2 conversion harness???

looking at the time, I’m assuming that you have done it? So, I have a obd0 G2 and if I use this conversion harness and a obd2 distributor and and two 4-wire O2 sensors, can I run a obd2 p72 ECU in my g2?


Contact Ryan from RyWire by phone. The guy is cool and IS the best around. Just simply ask him and he’ll answer any questions regarding wiring and more. But I don’t know how much more.

Wow, this has been awhile. Definitely call rywire. I called them, left a voicemail, and he called me back within a few hours from the floor at sema! That’s service!