OBD-1 B18C1 in a 92 GSR check list, help me out guys

Okay, A little about my situation. My GF’s dad owns a wrecking yard so I’m going to try to get him to hook me up with all the parts for a swap into my 92 GS. Here is my list so far. What am I missing?

  • 94-95 B18C1 motor
  • 92-93 GSR YS1 Transmission
  • P72 ECU

Any help will be appreciated.

Well one thing you might want to look into getting the axles from the gs-r or getting new ones because I’m not sure whether you can use yours or not. Just a suggestion. I wish more people would visit this forum. :confused:

Yeah, it’s things like that I need to know. I to wish more people visited this forum. If I don’t get enough help i’m ganna cheat and put something up in the general discussion forum, I think i’ll get more of a response there.

ok,ok, have no fear…here is what you need to do:
you can use your axles, no problem,i am using my ols axles on my itr…

basically all you need for the swap is what you already listed…

you will need a b17a or b16a upper power steering bracket…a b17a or itr throttle body and you will want to get the junk2 intake manifold…

if you have any specific questions feel free to email me


Thanks alot 1integra2NV, that did help alot :slight_smile: