Obd-1 Vtec Ecu Q?

Where can I find the stock specs on the following OBD-1 VTEC ECU’s:

P28, P30, P61, and P72?

I am swaping a b16 into my 92ls, and I will be upgrading to CTR cams for starters. Which ECU will best suit this set up? I would also like some good info/suggestions on aftermarket ECU programs. I’ve checked out hondata.com, are there any other places I should look? thank you.

This a difficult question?

P28: Civic Si or EX ecu, SOHC motor, controls vtec but no knock.

P30: Del Sol DOHC VTEC ecu, controls both vtec and knock.

P61: G2 GSR ECU, controls both vtec and knock.

P72: G3 GSR ECU, controls vtec, knock and Secondary runners.

Personaly I would use either the P30 or P61. The P28 wont work unless you get it chipped. The P72, not sure but it might give a engine code since there are no secondary runners.

I would tend to think that the P30 would be the best since it was made for a 1.6 liter motor.