obd ?s

I have a 91 ls integra I noticed that the 92 integra made 10 more horsepower. Since the compression and everything like that are the same is that a obd change. If so could get an ecu from a 92-94 integra and a jumpercable and put that in my car to gain the 10 horspower or would I have to change other things?

somebody else will have to answer your where the hp came from question

but heres a good link to look at for the obd0-obd1 conversion process


most of the 10hp is in the exhaust manifold, but since you are new do a search and you will find your answer in its entirety

and in the future if you have a question about something search first because it has more than likely been covered at least once before

this has been asked so many times. its the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and the cams, as i remember that makes the 10hp difference. correct me if im wrong if anybody knows exactly what it is

ok that makes sense thanks

:gunleft: :search: for what? obd0 to obd1 would be a waste of wire.You can get an obd0 to obd1 harnes for bout 100 bucks but its not worth it unless your 260hp na or turboed and your local tuner isnt smart enough to use BRE :blah:

thats true. instead of changing OBD, just change over to the OBD 1 cams, and exhaust manifold. the rest of the difference is in the ECU and the intakeā€¦so keep your intake it will keep things less complicated and a lot cheaper. bolt ons are not the best, but if you are looking for small HP figures, why spend so much money?