obd0 limp mode?

i had a 1992 integra RS (OBD-1). at one point i had thrown a map sensor, and fuel injector code at one time. the ECU put itself into limp mode. i was curious if OBD-0 cars had this feature. also, im assuming that obd-2 does, but if i’m wrong let me know. this is just a general question i was thinking about not too long ago. figured i’d ask.

Yeah it does have a limp mode. When i over reved and blew up my knock sensor it put me in limp mode. i couldnt go over 3000 rpms. OBD-0 pr3. Kyle man just ask me, you know I know everything.

hmm…obd1 ls limp mode let me go all the way up to 3500 rpms.

i broke my knocksensor completely off and my idle is like 4500 now no limpmode. that is wierd. I have a pw0.