Obd0 ls block obd1 b16 head lsvtec help

I have a 91 integra b18a1 obd0 and i bought a obd1 b16a head. Ik im gonna need a ecu jumper harness.but what ecu do i need and what harness? Can i use the ecu and harness out of a 95 civic obd1 d16z6? Will that ecu and harness work? Also do i need a vtec headgasket or a ls? Im not gonna spend 100$ for a cosmetic lsvtec headgasket.

You use your factory engine/chassis harness.

You just buy a jumper/adapter harness for obd0 car to obd1 ecu.

Most people get a P28 ecu and have it chipped, and then tuned for their mods.

A stock ecu is NOT recommended to run an lsvtec. The lsvtec is not a stock motor, why run a stock ecu?

just to get technical here, there’s no such thing as an obd1 head or block. obd refers to the management system

Yeah, ik but you knew what i was meaning.

no doubt. on all the forums i go on, it’s mainly the honda guys who’ve grown accustomed to refering to parts in that category. not sure why that is. not a big deal. just an observation