obd0 to obd2 b18c1

I searched but couldn’t really find a true answer with my car and my swap…

I have a 90 db1 , the trans went out and I have had a 97 obd2 b18c1 from my old dc2 to replace the b18a1.
im pretty new to the whole 2nd gen integra thing,

how much is it a hassle to swap in a obd2 engine in a obd0 car? I have the hydro mount, cable to hydro , stock obd2 ecu, full c1 engine and trans

I dont have the c1 engine harness but i have everything from the stock db1 still, is it really that much as a hassle to go obd0 to obd2? i don’t mind the extra work ,Just need a little help of knowing everything i need to do the swap and a some imput from people who have done the swap…thanks !