obd1 b18 injectors obd0 b16 motor

I have a 93 integra with obd0 b16a motor. I kept my harness so its running obd1. Im using my b18a1 injectors and running a p28 ecu. My question is if this setup is ok. I seem to be running very rich and want to eliminate this as my problem.

the injectors are fine
the p28 ecu is for a sohc 1.6 liter
a p30 ecu (b16 ecu) would be best or a p61(b17 ecu)
otherwise you need a chip for your p28
i would get a p30 usdm and use the knock sensor

thanks for the info but what do you mean use the knock sensor?

the p28 has no knock sensor
p30 and p61 do
its a sensor that detects knock in the motor and sends the ecu a signal to adjust the timing
search for it im sure you will find tons of info

Thanks i didnt know the p28 didnt have the knock sensor