OBD1 TO OBD0 conversion!

okae fellaz…yeah…i did my research…and couldn’t find squat…it mind sound silly to you guyz…but who cares…i got a 90-91 integra…and im getting a 92-93 integra for free with no distributor…so i was planning to use my obd0 §§§§§ to the obd1 integra…so is this possible!if it isn’t let me knw now!..

i think you would run into problems with the injector system?? i know for sure that you will have to get an obd 0 ecu to work with the distributor. just get the right distributor. that way, you will not have to hack up your harnesses

use the search… it helps, also go to honda-tech.com i beleave they got a little more in depth about the conversion.

but if your trying to use your OBD0 dizzzy on an OBD1 car… won’t work and your injectors are fine leave them alone. but you might just wanna buy an obd1 dizzzy… if you need one i know someone who is holding one.


is the distributor the only part missing on that car
not really sure what else u need
i have converted a obd 1 wiring into an obd 0 teg so i’m not sure what r u really asking

he’s trying to go backwards. not a good idea in my opinion.

[QUOTE=elfblue90;1679895]is the distributor the only part missing on that car
not really sure what else u need
i have converted a obd 1 wiring into an obd 0 teg so i’m not sure what r u really asking[/QUOTE]

you wont have any problems with the injectors as long as u leave them the way they came.

in order to use the obd-0 distributor, you need to run an obd-0 ECU. You do not need to run obd-0 injectors with that ECU. either way will work fine. its a waste to do. you’re better off getting on ebay and trying to find an inexpensive 92-95 distributor. maybe try a junkyard?

EDIT: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/92-95-1-8L-ACURA-Integra-B18A1-Ignition-Distributor-93_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33690QQihZ014QQitemZ330120317993QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

but he would still have the resistor box since his car is a 91. will the obd 1 injectors work with that?

no. but who said he was going to switch injectors? if u run an obd-1 ecu and obd-0 injectors and a resistor box, it will work perfect!

you dont have to switch everything! the purpose of the resistor box is to make the obd-0 injectors work. as long as u have that wired in with the obd-0 injectors, any(obd0 or obd1) LS ecu will work.

but the obd0 distributor doesnt work with obd-1 ecu.

I’m assuming that the engine came with the obd1 wiring harness. There are a bunch of unknows i guess… does he have the obd0 engine harness and injectors? is he willing to swap harnesses between the engines? if not, is he gonna rewire the distributor and bypass the resistor box on the obd1 harness? who knows…

he is buying an obd-1 car. he wants to make it obd-0. he can keep the injectors on the obd-1 car the exact same! all he has to do is re-wire the distributor, get a conversion harness and plug in the obd-0 ECU!

It doesn’t need to be as hard as wiring a resistor box and changing the engine harness on the car!!!


he can just repin the OBD-O connector with and obd-1 connector…

either-or… we don’t know his (or her) level of expertise or what they are willing to do. so yup, more info needed or at least a response from the one starting the thread.

why the hell would he swap harnesses and switch the injectors if its pointless? it isnt required! i dont think you are understanding.

like i said…

re-pin an obdO connector on and its done…

simple as shit.