obd1 to obd0

ok just wanted to know if anyone has ever repind a obd1 distibitor to obd0 and have it work cause i did it and cant start my car i was told that the ecu wont read it that why its not running the motor is a obd0 b16a in my 90 da and the distibitor is a obd1 gsr if u can help me hit me up thanx

no u cant… just pick up a odo ls dis and call it a day

well i talkd to a few people and they told me the same thing and the ls distriutor will work only if u cut off one of the ears to make it fit and still itg will make ur car run mad rich so u better off using a b16 0bd0 distriutor

it wont make it run rich. dont it on few other cars never had an issue doing the same on an upcoming swap

thatblkguy is correct.

The distributors are different internally, you can wire it up however you like but you can’t swap obd1 and obd0 distributors unless you change the whole system to match.

He’s also right about it not effecting air fuel ratio.

Just get the right distributor. Or cut the leg off, many have used that method w/o problems.

I’d jump on this if I were you: http://www.hondamarketplace.com/showthread.php?t=2586138

well i took the old ls distibutor and cut off one of the ears and it still dont start my car

well, then start troubleshooting…

iam getting no spark so i think iam just going to buy a real b16 obd0 distributor and see were it goes from there

u check the igniter