OBX bolt on DTM exhaust?

does anyone know anything about this exhaust? how the sound would be, etc?

i have a 92 integra gs. i want to get a new muffler and keep the stock pipes, cat, etc. since i don’t have the $ to get a whole exhaust system.
the muffler looked decent and i’m thinking about buying it, but not sure if i should. is it even worth buying, will it make that much of a difference from my stock exhaust. any input would be greatly appreciated

Wow, that looks really nice…nicer than i would expect from OBX…as far as fitment and quality of sound…you get what you pay for. i would save up and buy a different exhuast than that, but if you do try it, be sure to tell everyone how it is!!

Well I was surprised with OBX…I bought an OBX B3 Bomb exhaust off Ebay for $99 shipped to my door…had the shop put it on and I was very very happy. Has a nice deep tone to it…not raspy at all…even game with a silencer.

I think it would be a good buy.

if u going to get that then i know someone on this board thats selling it for $120