OBX cat

Is anyone running these? I found a shop selling them for about $65(guy has to look up my application to find exact price). I was wondering if this was a decent price for a worthwhile part. I wasn’t planning on getting a high-flo cat but I saw these and since the cat is the only part of my exhaust that is still stock I figured I’d ask to see if they were worth it. TIA.

I guess no one has any experience with them?

:search: I have read u few peoples review on the obx hi flow cat

I searched through a few pages of OBX related threads without any usefull info. Maybe you could point me in the right direction?

hey whitey… haven’t seen you in a minute… how you been??? coming to the BIG Ga/TN meeting???
Also yes i been looking into that obx cat… I was kinda waiting to see how you would like it first to make up my mind about it. then again 65 bucks… i don’t think shoulod be that bad…:shrug:

I got my Carsound cat for $66 shipped off E-bay. Just search for “carsound”, and you got it. They are brand new.