OBX header

just put on my new header tonight, looks great!!! sorry but no pics yet- il post them tomorrow sumtime. does any1 else have this header, do you like it?

I’ve been thinking about getting an obx header for a while now. Would you suggest it as a good header? Did it go in alright and everything? Do you think it will be a good addition to an almost full exhaust that is just without the header? Do you feel any gains, if any? I was also wondering about how it looks, once you get the pictures I’ll prolly be set, I just wanted to see it on another integra instead of the picture.

fitting it was a challenge. but it does work. it is right against the oil pan but not really pressured to it. as far as looks, it looks great. im sure you will like it. there is yellowish coloring on the welds but you can’t see them, plus it will turn yellow anyways because it is stainless steel. as far as driving it goes, ive only let it idle for about a minute and it sounded perfect. took about 3 hrs to install with some dicking around included :smiley: but overall and for the price id reccomend it. so yes, id say buy it. ill post pics tomorrow like i said to.