obx stage 2 cams yay or nay

anyone have them in the dohc vtec. Are the good or should I save up for crower or skunk2


At first i thought it was a joke. But IMO just get some crowers instead, they only cost a little bit more and you know that they work.

i love how obx is all of a sudden making real performance parts. kinda sketchy if you ask me, i’m wouldn’t get cams or an lsd (another thread in this forum) from a company that makes mufflers and “high flow” cats

yeah I posted the lsd question. This surprised me too, pretty soon APC will be making engine parts.

shit then every ricer will really think he is fast until he realizes that the part doesnt do shit and he has to actually use the part instead of just the stickers that come in the box

ohh wait they do that already except they still think they are mad qwick yo!

ya thanks ill get the crower cams. i thought that obx only made muffs to

i reiterate my previous post.

The day OBX makes a part worth one tenth what it costs is the day you see these little boogers clogging the sky: