OBX wires

On eBay right now they have OBX wires, for sale from the same person hare 10.3mm wires with 6 wires in each. The other is for 9.5mm wires, with 5 wires in each, and they are grounded… w/e that means…

could someone tell me the difference or what is better?

ok grounded wires are what nology uses, on each wire there is a metal strap that goes to a valve cover bolt which supplies a ground for that wire, as in size id go with the 9.5’s since 10’s wont fit the wire holders to keep them off of things

so what does the grounding do? since the other does not have it, why would it be needed or help?

Go with blue NGKs.

he’s not asking about plug wires, i think he’s asking about the Ebay ground Wire Kits. if you wanted to man, just buy some like 4 or 6 gauge wire and some brass connectors and make your own

no no - its not a grounding kit, I know all about those, its for spark plug wires that say they are grounded…

OBX Red Spark Plug Wires w/Ground 90-93 Acura Integra

OBX Red Spark Plug Wires Wire 90-93 Acura Integra ALL

[SIZE=3]Whats the difference?[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Wich is better???[/SIZE]

i think the ground on each wire just reduces any interferance there may be floating around in the electrical system. i’d also just go with stock blue NGK’s, unless you have some crazy all motor race car. my bro had a completely stock ignition system on a 240 whp all motor integra and it was fine.

I want wires that are better than stock, and the ones I have currently are in good shape


just go with NGK, and they are a little bit cheaper in price as well

quite a few guys on here just run NGK blues, which are good replacements for or 15 year old cars

for what the plug wires are, even the OBX’s you arent going to notice hardly any difference really, unless you have plans for aftermarket ignition system, and for that i would go to http://www.msdignition.com/

why do you need something better than stock? does your setup require wires that that are “better” than stock?

there are many cars pushing 300+hp that are using stock wires and ignition systems. if the ones you have are in good condition, why replace them? you are not gonna see a difference with new wires or aftermarket wires unless your wires are old, cracking, and non-working.

imo save your money for something worth while. replacing something that doesn’t need replacing is just a waste of money.

There was a test done a while ago where stock Honda spark plug wires were tested against popular aftermarket ones. The stock ones outperformed the aftermarkets. Since they don’t supply any real power, I believe it was based solely on voltage consistency or something along the lines.

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well yall are convinceing me… how about the gas milage thing? I have heard that they help that out…?
but I suppose if they dont get extra power they wont do that either…

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stick with oem. they are still the best.