Ocala Fl members, looking to form a meet.

Hey everybody, My title pretty much says it all… Im wondering if there’s anybody between Dunnellon and Ocala Fl, that would be interested in starting up a g2ic meet or something… Every Wed-Sat, I foregot what actual day, But is the day all the street racers come out to play, and I mean I love the street racing culture, but im not looking to get my ass thrown in jail and lose my liscense a year after I got it. Im just curious if there was anyone interested in the Marion County Florida region, that is looking to start a get together.

check this out
there are a few shopping centers near this that people meet up at and then go for spirited drives on that loop (zoom out a little, the A marker is the northmost pass).
the speed limit is 45 mostly through there, and trust me, 45 is bookin it. no need to speed or race, just keep up with the guy in front of you.

I know there’s a group that meets at best buy in Ocala, But they tend to pretty much just hang out until they can get a couple kids wanting to race and then they head off to 200 or go out on the highway and head south to find a nice strip of road. Then the only other Ocala fl meet im aware of and I dont know if they still do it, but a small group of kids used to hang out over at the starbucks.