octane level?

with the crower 403’s and some JE 10:5:1 pistons, what octane should i use?

Almost sounds like we have the same set-up. Visit www.geocities.com/immortal_integra/home.html

I use 91 octane (because I can’t find anything higher in Cali) with no problem. I throw in a bottle of octane booster about once a month just for kicks.

cool cool

nice car! so have you dynoed your car? do u know what you run the the 1/4 mile?

Nope, have no cash for dyno yet and still breaking in the engine.

doesnt cali have really strict emissions laws or am i wrong? i live in cali and 99% of the stations have 91 as the highest octane. in penn valley (not sure if you know where that is) theres a chevron station that sells 92 octane and theres an exxon station in sacramento that sells 92 octane but besides those 2 stations ive only seen 91… seems like if they’re emissions are so strict they’d offer higher octane at more locations

That is true. It totally sucks. But I hear there are a couple of stations, not sure if it’s Pasadena or La Habra that sells racing gas. I still haven’t found them, so if anyone knows, pass on the info.

here in Modesto, they have 100 octane at the pump at the 76 station. I go somewhere else to get my 110 for my truck.

Here in southern Cali, Haberdasher posted a link to a website a while ago for the 76 gas stations. The address is http://www.76.com. If you put “race gas” on the search it will tell you all the stations that sell 100 octane gas.


COOL! Thanks for the info dude!