odd noise

ever since i had my transmission swapped, when im driving i keep hearing this noise coming from what sounds like my front drivers side wheel well. you can hear the noise at low speeds, but it is more noticable when im on the freeway. its hard to describe, but it is kind of like a slappingish noise, and the faster i go the more it “slaps”. ive taken off my tire and looked in the wheel well, but im not seeing anything that may be the culprit. any ideas? thanks in advance.

yeah, sounds like some part of the plastic “undercarriage” if you will is lose and is slapping against the car from the wind. Or it could be the plastic fender lining. check and make sure its all secured well. HTH. :smiley: :up:

i checked all the plastic stuff, and it is all on pretty secure and tight. i think slapping was the wrong word to describe the noise though. also i think the best way for me to describe the amount of the noise would be to liken it to the noise for taping a playing card to the frame of your bike so it hits the spokes in the wheel. now my car doesnt make that noise, but thats similar to how my noise works. but thanks for your reply woody_92