Oem Car Cover

hey guys i have a question and was wondering if some of you guys can help me.

I saw a car cover for sale on NWP for a DC integra.
and it looked similar to some DA ones ive seen in pics.
was wondering is fitment the only difference between the oem covers of chassis.
or is there anything else to identify for which chassis the cover belongs to?
Or are the DA ones with “acura” lettering in front, and DC with “integra” lettering in front of cover because ive seen covers with the “acura” in the front described as for DC on the web.
For example.

For some reason that one looks like it would fit a dc …

also noticed gen 1 integras have similar looking ones aswell?

Yeah that one looks like a different fit compared to my cover.

Maybe cuz it looks loose since it wasnt covered all the way to the bottom of both bumpers like urs

Hey. I want one of those. How much are these covers? Where can I buy them? Or do they not sell these anymore?

discontinued my friend; only way is to to get them second hand unfortunately.