OEM Clutch manufacturer?

Does anyone know who the manufacturer is for OEM replacement clutches?

My clutch is chattering and not engaging smoothly, so I’m going to have it replaced. I want the OEM quality without the Acura price tag.


i’ve jus had clutch problems … get it fixed b4 ur stuck on the side of the road… clutchmasters makes an OEM replacement kit $188…www.clutchmasters.com or i would also recommend clutchcityonline

OEM clutch manufacturer for most Japanese cars is Daikin which is a subsidary of Exedy Corp. Most likely you will find Exedy clutch in your vehicle. Clutch City Online specializes in Exedy OEM clutches and racing clutches. Exedy stands for quality and performance. If you are interested, visit www.clutchcityonline.com.