OEM honda b-series flywheel specs

i have been looking around for a flywheel… but i cant seem to find specs for b-series oem flywheels… all i keep running into is transmission specs but thats it…
the reason im asking is because i would prefer reliable oem flywheel and not soft aluminium from some aftermarket brand…

so are you trying to find the lightest oem one or something? if so then the itr one is like 12 lbs i think.

itr is 14lbs i believe. oem is 19ish

yeah, itr is the lightest oem one you’re gonna find. You can also get your stock one lightened and balanced, this is what I did (approx 13lbs) and I haven’t had any problems at all.

There are some good non-aluminum aftermarket flywheel options out there. Even the aluminum ones I’ve seen seemed to be plenty reliable.

ive had my unorthadox racing flywheel for like 4 years now daily driven no problems here yet cept maybe gotta replace the friction plate next clutch change.

i bought a gs-r(dc2) one… and its 17 lbs… so to the machine shop next to balance and put it on a diet…

keep the weight of the oem piece above 11lbs. just to be safe

sure will… i thought type-r flywheels were 10.6lbs