oem rotors

which oem rotors should i get? ive been seeing alot for like $15 - $30 i dont know if its the oem price.

go on ebay and search rotorworx i think thats it he has some pretty good deals

i just want regular rotors.

if you just want regular rotors you can get autozone ones that have lifetime warranty.

i’m not sure whos the supplier for oem rotors but from the dealer they’re about $50-70 for the fronts per side.

or you can go to either tirerack or ebay and get brembo rotors for less than $140

It would be helpful if you stated more clearly what kind of rotor you are looking for.

There is a distributor rotor.

There is a brake rotor.

Seeing that this is in Stock Engine Bay forum, one could assume you are talking about a distributor rotor as a brake rotor is not an engine component.

If you are asking about a brake rotor, then you should have posted in the correct Suspension forum.

im talking about brake rotors. yea i asked my mechanic friend and he told me i should go to the dealership to get a rotor. but wouldnt it be cheaper to go to like advance or autozone?

yes but if you get it at autozone you need to get it turned before you install them. Its a good idea to do it anyway but vatozone has a bad habit of storing rotors the wrong way and warping them a little.