OEM Spoiler Installation

I may be picking up an OEM spolier (finally) for my '91 LS. I have no exisiting holes on my hatch, so I’m thinking I should get this professionaly installed. Would this be a hard job to do myself? How much can I expect to pay if I take it to a shop?

All it takes is patience and a drill to make the holes.

Align the spoiler how you want to on your hatch. Cover your hatch with masking tape to protect it from scratches. Make marks on the masking tape where you will drill.

You will drill 5 holes - 2 per side and one for the middle leg. If you have a third brake light, splice into the centre high mount brake light.

okay…i’m in the process of putting mines on my sedan…painted the spoiler , right after paint, the friggen wind blew it down to the ground, now i gotta paint the whole thing all over…
my question is…do i need to drill a 6th hole for the wires for the brake led? like under the middle leg?

If you look on the under side of the trunk, Honda made it easier for installers by putting an indentation in the trunk. Pop your trunk and you will see what I’m talking about. It should have 2 circular indentations on each side.

I have the original installation instructions and drawings for the OEM sedan poiler. I will try to get pics of the process from there. but for the mean time I can say that, yes, you need to drill ahole for the brake led. In fact for the arm just under the led you are gonna be drilling 2 holes, one for teh bolt and the other for the harness. by the way the holes are not the same size, the installation manual stresses that point, I will check that one too. also you must change the trunk lid torsion springs, since with the additional weight of the spoiler the lid gets much heavier. when I got the OEM spoiler the kit included the new springs but, I know that they are available seperately in the parts catalog.

What do you mean by the “trunk lid torsion springs”?

Do you mean the two shock type arms that hold the hatch up?

If so, please let me know the part numbers for these.

there are torsion springs for the Sedans. tese are the ones that keep the lid open, unlike the ones for a hatchback these are only torsion bars, not pneumatics. For the part number I will get it but it may take a few days. if you own a sedan just look in the trunk where you have the speakers, there are black bars protruding throughout the trunk space under the speaker holes

thnaks man…yeah i seen the marks where i drill on the outside only though, can’t seem to find out where i have to drill for the middle leg.
post some pics from the installation manuel…either that or email em to me, thanks alot.

just give me 3-4 hours I ll get tyhe pics. and the drill specs. by the way you’ll also need a relay for the antenna, this relay automatically retracts the antenna when you open the lid so that the edges of the spoiler dous not bend the mast.

here are the pics that I promissed.

for all of the holes U need to use 8mm drill bit, but for the one for the harness it should be a 9mm drill bit.
I hope this helps, good luck

dude…your pics didn’t work
so i drill five holes for the bolts with a 8mm, then i drill one for the wires with a 9mm, i got it.

if you give me your e-mail I’ll send them, but for the timebeing you can check the pics at http://www.geocities.com/mertteg
I hope this site works.