oh man oh man oh man, car broke down

arggghhh… hey first time car ever broke down…what do ya know?? booo hoooo :frowning: okay heres the quik story

working on cap/rotor just replaced, reset the ecu, baby’s warmed up went for a spin… kept it steady, started reving, got in some high rpms, drove fast… then came to a fast stop, started going again… in 2nd gear, around 3,000 rpms,… car just cuts off dies… i coast to astop… take of cap, rotor is intact looks fine.

i assumed its a fuel problem? what do u guys think…

here’s what bugs me now…like last week i put in a VERY old bottle of gas treatment but i already drove 110 miles on it, car was fine. but i never took it to like 90mph which i did today…and i dont think i have reved it all that much since that thing. ALSO after my car was towed letting it sit it started up…then cut off in 15 seconds. help me dudes


try changing your fuel filter when i first got my teg i had the same problem come to find out it was my fuel filter it was cloged with all that trash from my gas tank thats why i dont let my gas get to low it starts sucking up all that trash in the tank

hope this helps you