oh snap! speedo cable

I have had a few tegs and a few other cars but not once this issue. The metal end of the cable broke off one day while driving :stare: My q is how do I get it out to put new cable in? Or can I remove the unit the cable gets inserted in?
I tried a telescoping 1.5 lb magnet, low level electro-magnetized screw driver tip and paper clip sized wire (try to dig it out) all to no avail.
Suggestions plz

It broke in the VSS?

Yes. Just the metal end with the tab to make it spin.

pull out the vss and get it out, gonna have to replace cable too.

If it doesn’t fall out when you turn the VSS upside down and tap it, then I’d try super glue. Take a small metal rod or maybe even a toothpick or chopstick, put a dab of superglue on the end then delicately (think the child’s game “Operation”) feed it down and glue it to the broken off piece. Hold it in place till it dries, then pull it up. I used this method to remove the tip of a headphone jack which had stuck into my laptop, worked like a charm and might work for your problem as well. Worst case scenario you buy a used VSS, they’re dirt cheap.

Good idea there!

buy a manual vvs with no p/s lines.

Thanks guys for all the help! Im sure I can solve this issue now :rockon:

Last issue Im having is the infernal beeping of the seat belt alarm. Tracks are not active but all other sensors are connected. Ive only started doing my research on how to stop it. If anybody knows off the top their head I would be very grateful. thanks

scratch the last I found the answer to that too. now just a matter of doing.:up: