Oil Drain Bolt

Ok guys its been a while sice I last changed my oil and about a week ago I leave the house and my dad calls me on my cell phone and says “Did you know you were leaking oil, its a pretty big puddle here.” Well I was at a friends house so I jack the car up, take off the wheel and see that the drain bolt was where the oil was coming from, well I start to tighten the bolt and the more I tighten it, it would get tight then loosen itself in the same twist, so I just get it tight enough just up to where it wouldnt loosen itself, but the next day oil was everywhere, when i checked my oil though I guess the last time i checked it in over filled it, so it hasnt gotten low at all, but I dont know what I need to seal it up, ive been told an entirely NEW oil pan, but thats why im here asking u guys.


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