oil filters

not sure if this is the right place to post but this has something to do with product/service review in general anyways.
have any one here bought oil filters from www. fleetfilter.com
can anyone tell me if they are reputable or not.

btw mods pls post to proper area if i made a mistake

go to your local honda/acura dealer, buy a filter, be done.

thanks for the reply but i was looking for a more “productive” answer than yours. Anyway I’m looking to buy bulk and I was wondering if anybody here has dealt with fleetfilter.com
Buying bulk from the dealer would break the bank, I don’t know but maybe icemanGSR is loaded with cash that he can afford it :smiley:

Especially from a dealer in Canada, as prices are rediculously more than in the states.

why do you need to buy in bulk? you only need one every 3000 miles.

get an OEM S2K filter flows better than the other honda filter

an oe S2K filter fits on an b18a1?

it’s not just for me…

yes, its pretty much identical externally to the old style filter for the DA’s.

yes its just shorter and fatter

it flows better also

i believe honda switched to one filter for most it’s vehicles (15400-PLM-A01 iiirc). there is a theory that oil pressure is increased by switching to the s2k filter. however i highly doubt that, since the pressure valve on the oil pump would just open sooner. it’s designed to work at a certain pressure. spoon uses the manufacturer’s suggested filters for it’s cars, and just puts a hose clamp around them (which supposedly helps keep pressure constant as heat causes the filter to expand or some such thing like that. i’m no expert however.)

i thought the s2k stayed with the fat filter and everything else went to the new skinny filter.

im honestly not sure thats just what i heard. lets check.:hugs:

that is correct

(i work at honda)