Oil Gallery Plug Part Numbers

Hey all,

My front oil gallery plug is leaking. Are the part numbers the same for all 3 plugs? I read the article on it in the archives, but it only mentioned the tranny side plug. Here is the article:


Originally thought my front crankshaft seal was leaking, but this doesnt seem to be the case. It does have a slight mist of oil near the seal, but there are fresh drips right above and around the gallery plug. The alternator, back of the timing cover near the alternator, back right corner of the oil pan, cv axle, whole suspension, wheel well, and the drivers side wheel are all COVERED in oil. When the car is parked for a while its like Lake Acura lol !!!

The side of the timing cover near the PS pump is dry and so is the back of the block. It seems to come out of the timing cover right in front of the alternator where it gets whipped around by the cv axle and the crankshaft pulley. It very hard to tell because there is oil everywhere, even down the side of my car.

Any help appreciated.

I did take the timing cover and crank pulley off if anybody was going to say that. If I had the plug now I could just change it and put it back together :frowning: