oil leak

Hi guys. I have an oil leak and I cant seem to tell where its from. Its on the passenger side. I dont think its the head gasket. I changed the valve cover gasket and spark plug grommets not too long ago so i dont think its that either.
I have some pics here

sorry if the pics are a bit crappy. i took them with my phone.
anyways please help me and tell me what you guys think where the leak is. if its easy to fix…

thanks in advance


cam seal end cap. black circle plug next to distributor.

can this be a driveway job or should i take it to a shop?

take about 15-20 mins to change out. so drive way job. i would reccomend a billet aluminum with the tri seal. three 3 bands around it.

it can be done in your driveway.

remove valve cover
remove the first two cam holders? next to the cam seal
pop off old one
put on new one
put back cam holders
tighten valve cover to torque specs…(7lbs i think)

Do you need to use Hondabond (or similar) if u are replacing the cam end plug with a 96+ GSR one (with o-ring)?