oil light help ideas?

ok so here is the story i purchased a db1 with a blown motor not to long ago and swapped in a b20 the engine runs good but the oil light comes on at start up very faint then solid then goes away all within a minute. changed the oil pressure switch and replaced the connector oil light still does the same thing but when i drive the car it stays off. when i bought the car with the blown engine it did the same thing what can it be any help will be appreciated.

put an oil pressure gague in it and see whats going on and if u put a new moter in it u should have no issues besides eletrical (if u had anythats just for instance ) bc oil pump is crank driven and u put new moter in so that not an issue unless u got screwed

yea its a new motor i took the vc off and the valve train looked good nice and clean and i removed the oil pan and it also looked clean so it doesn’t have that much mileage im thinking it probably is electrical problem because it did it with the blown motor too

not to scare u but i baught a b20b w 40k on it and 30 days lata spun bearing so u might wana look in to it

yea i know you always take a risk buying used motors but thats the chance you take so hopefully it dont happen to me

hope not but dont over look any thing


yea i do have warranty but lets see wat happens

Mine does the same thing. Ive searched it and if it comes on faintly its just your ICU. The capacitors get old and start causing a few problems and the fading oil light is one of them.

Same problem:

Heres the fix:

hey man thanks alot im going to pull out the icu tomorrow and check it out hopefully thats the problem i will update this thread i really appreciate it.

sorry if i came across a smartass haha i just figured if it’s giving you trouble in such a short time just warranty it. good luck figuring it out:rockon:

na i aint think that i would warranty it but ima try the icu first sounds like it may be bad my car does have 270k on it.

ok so i pulled the icu a little while ago and looked at the board i see a little leakage on the board not to much though. im going to post pics in a few let me know wat you think guys

here are some pics

in this pic you can see some leakage

also in this pic

any input guys

I would just change it I have some if you need one let me know greazemunkey73@yahoo.com

^^^^^you been e-mailed

cant you just solder in new components? thats what i plan on doing

yea you can but im not gonna try cause i dont have a steady hand

ok so worst case u have to get a new one any way lol try it