Oil Pan Gasket

My friend replaced my oil pan gasket a while ago but when he did it he stripped a bolt out and i guess there is a hole there now. How can i put a bolt back in there? Dose it affect my car?

That depends on the exact situation you’ve gotten yourself into. The oil pan is held on by a combination of bolts and studs with nuts.

If the stud is sticking out you may be able to remove it with vice grips. If there’s nothing sticking out you’ll want to use a bolt extraction kit.

After removing the broken bolt/stud you can install a new one. Unless the threads are messed up in which case you’ll need to run a tap through it to clean the threads. If the threads can not be cleaned then you may need to tap it with a larger size or use some sort of bolt insert.

well my friend told me it was the main bolt to get to the oil pan he said they are common for breaking so he said im going to have to tap it but i dont have the slightest idea how to do that

Your friend installed it, why is this your problem? When I am installing something… anything associated with completing the job is my problem. But maybe that’s just my work ethic… :slight_smile:

Colin’s tips are perfect. Just choose the advice that applies to your situation.

if your a little shy on how to do it, then I’d recommend doing a search on YouTube for “Thread tapping” or “heli-Coil insert” to see the tools and how to do the job before you start…

Should be a M6x1.0 thread you’ll be working on. as long as the Main Bolt your talking about isn’t the drain plug or some other bolt not on the oil pan?

Putting another bolt in can cause a problem if you over tighten and crush the gasket. You’ll want to have all the bolts evenly tightened to Acura spec (8 ft/lbs for all the nuts and bolts around the pan.)

ya he installed it no problem there. just this one hole he said were the bolt just came off. He was saying im gonna have to get a new manifold if i dont re thread it.

Hrmm,… Your not missing an oil pan bolt are you? Can you take a photo and show us.

Might be worth your time and hassle to bring it to a shop and pay a tech to repair the thread?

i cant get under my car to show. im installing some JDM headlights maybe i can get under far engough to cee the hole. i will see what i can do.
Do you know what kind of shops repair and thread?

any automotive repair shop should be able to help.

ok thanks for the feadback.

Ok well heres some pics while i was under. its just the oil pan thats missing some bolts


Your oil pan isn’t the only thing that is missing a bolt/nut.

Take a look at your header.

shizzle i cee it i need a nut there right?

Yes. Might want to check the rest of your exhaust system.

ya i feel ya thanks. didnt even notice that so you a muffler place could help me out? or is this a easy job

Just buy a new nut and screw it on.

thanks. i guess i should update my progress