oil pressure sending unit

So im supossed to hook a wire between the bell and the nut and thats supposed to do something? the back of the gauge has +pos and -neg for the indiglo and one wire from the gauge to the bell thing? I know how to tee it of just doesnt make any sense to me. how does this work? heres pics. its electrical.

Well you should have a pos and neg for the lighting and the a pos an neg for the actual gauge. The way it works is that you get a constant voltage thru the pos an neg and that makes the gauge needle go all the way to the right. Then the signal comes thru the bell thing thru the wire into the gauge and that modifies the psosition of the needle to reflect the amount of power coming thru from the bell. The bell has a mechanism that will change the resitance in the signal based off of how much pressure there is. So you pretty much have it figured out in temr sof setting it up. Good luck

it doesnt have a pos and neg for the sending unit. just one for the sending unit and a positive and negitive for the lighting. any idea

Uses the ground it gets from you screwing it into the block as the units ground…?

Thats how my cheapo gauges from Pep Boys worked. I am not saying that your gauges are cheap, just that I paid like $20 for tri gauges that were electric from Pepboys. Thats pretty cheap to me.