Oil Pump question, vtec?

I got an oil pump from a guy for free because I bought some parts from him and he was cleaning up, so he just threw it in also cause he knew I needed it. I’m building a b20vtec motor. All I need to know is, are there any markings on the oil pump that would derermine whether it’s a vtec pump or not? He says it came off a b16, and he’s a cool guy and don’t think he’s lie to me. Just want to know if I can find something on there that would clear it up? Thank you.

post the part number off of it and i can look it up for you… tell you some info on it if its a american part num

where can I find that? Only shit I can find on here are. On the inside of it toward the bottom, is a 19 then a chineese symbol. On the outside of it is a symbol that looks like a bird with it’s wings spread horizontaly, and a 2 is by it. Those are the only markings I can find. Can you do anything with that?

i just pulled out my oilpump… and your right… it doesnt have the part number stamped :… this is the first part i havent seen a number on

my b18a pump has a 10 than the winged bird next to it… im sure thats a way to I.D. it… but i have no idea what number you need… im pretty sure that would rule out that its a b18a pump tho…

do you have a g2 oil pump cover around?.. because if you put the pump on the b20… if it doesnt fit under the cover i would think its a vtec pump… i dont know if the covers bolt holes would bolt up… but im sure depth it the same being its the same pump and block design

how many miles are suppost to be on it?.. because you can always sell it on ebay and pickup on a new type-r pump for around $90+ship … if i built a motor id want a brand new pump just to be safe

good point, thanx man

for reference… $94.90 shipped acuraoemparts.com coupon code AC011