oil up on underside of hood

This is a common problem it seems, maybe some of you have had this too… I have oil splashing up onto my hood above the timing belt (which i think is the timing belt…), just to the right of the engine block (looking down at it). What is the problem and what needs to be done to stop this? My timing belt may be getting oil on it too and that concerns me…

You’ll have to search around and find what exactly is leaking. As for the oil on the timing belt…after you fix your leak, you should also change the T-Belt. Overtime, the oil will eat away at your timing belt, causing premature aging/cracking and so forth. You do not want the T-belt to break when your car is running (especially at high speeds).

It could possobly be the power steering pump. I have had a leaking pump in the past and it would spary shiz up on the hood too.

my guess would be power steering pump.

if it was oil on your timing belt you would know. because that would mean that part of your valve cover was missing and all of the timing belt cover was gone (thus letting the oil hit the hood).

check the power steering pump and all of its lines and connectors.

Mine’s doing the exact same thing and has been for about a year now, but it’s getting worse. My problem is the high pressure hose coming from the pump and going behind the engine and below the firewall. The seal is broken at the pump and that entire hose needs to be replaced. At one time back in the day there was a bulletin put out by Acura on it, I tried to find it the other day but my boss said after awhile sometimes they get rid of them. I guess that’s beside the point, but check the copper fitting for fluid that’s dripping onto your PS belt.

wow thats it!.. My steering has been “sqeaking” lately, and I’ve topped the power steering fluid off twice. I figured i had a leak in the power steering. Well I’ll get rid of the oil and sqeaking problem once i get this fixed… cool!:slight_smile: thanks!

btw, what belt is that which the oil is dripping on?.. power steering belt i bet

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btw, what belt is that which the oil is dripping on?.. power steering belt i bet
That’s correct.