Oil with Spark Plugs.

Ok. I was taking out the spark plug wires to replace them and then I noticed some oil on the spark wires. So I took a flash light and looked down at the spark plugs and their was OIL everywhere inside in each one. I was just wondering if this was normal or abnormal. It’s not filled with filled with oil or anything it just has like maybe a teaspoon of oil in each one. I was wondering if I have to clean this out. If I do have to clean it out what should I use?? :shrug: :tsk: :werd:

Go to Mopar and bough some Combustion Chamber Cleaning, it gets rid on oil and carbon deposit in the cylinder hole were spark plug is. It cost 12 in Orlando at dogde dealership. I the cleaner will spray oil down into cylinder so I thats a good idea, but thats I used to clean the spark plug holes.

replace your spark plug gormets(seals), and while the valve cover is off, replace the valve cover gasket too.

#7 in the picture, you’ll need four of them.


Definitely spark plug grommets like spikeymike said. Definitely NOT the head gasket.

sorry bout that didn’t see the word “WIRES” :crazy:

Thanx guys for the help. I’ll get the spark plug gormets right away.

Same Issue But Car Won’t Start

Hello all,

my car is stuck at a gas station and it won’t start. Tonight was the first night that I notice the oil in the spark plug chamber. I would like to know if this is the sole factor that makes the car not able to start? Please help.

Conditions prior to problem:

Car started 3 times with two stops within 30 minute span. Trip from house to cleaner, cleaner to gas station, gas station to the air pump station at the gas station.

The car didn’t start after I pumped air in the tires.

Oil is present in 3 out of 4 chambers.

If the spark plugs are the source of the problem, will the car start after some drying of the oil by using paper towels?


that is more than likely the culprit. i would definately get the oil out. just follow the instructions above.