ok, b16 is in and running.....but...

the engine runs fine until i get to where the vtec should kick in, it feels like it starts to engage, but then the car hesitates and wont let the vtec engage. any ideas? all wiring is ok.


same problem i had, i am willing to bet it’s and injector check your injectors.

is ur check engine light on for the knock sensor?? that could be the problem… ur car starts to bog when you hit vteck right??? when the knock is not hooked up the engine is automatically retarded to stop detonation… that might be it… check ur knock sensor…

yea that is it…code 23. but i think i have everything hooked up right. is the knock sensor the one with the green harness or the one below it with the two prongs coming out? this is really starting to piss me off. i have the wire coming from the sensor with the 2 prongs coming off of it to pin b19 of the ecu.

the knock sensor is the thing on top of your oil filter… its not the one with the green plug… i think its brown plug or something… for sure its not the green …

That’s the same problem I had with my knock sensor. If it’s hooked up properly you may need a new knock sensor. I also ran some codes for my O2 sensor (I think it’s a 2) and it gave me the same type of problem.

Just curious if you replaced your plugs/did a tune up at all. When i first bought my GSR it had bad plugs, and would stutter above 5000 RPM. Probably not your problem if you are throwing engine codes, but it is something else to check.

ok i got it all straightened out now. i was spliced into the wrong wire. motor is running strong with no codes. it was the sensor with the green harness. thanks for the help everyone.