ok car takin longer to start then usual

ok you know usally you dont have to crack car but a second to get it to start, well mine turned into like 2 1/2 the last 2 days.

to get more back ground info read this http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29552

now my car has been starting fine, just taking a little longer after car cools down

is it my coil?

vincent here’s some good reading about Main Fuel relays. (not that it’s your problem)


but it helps you look @ your starting problems systematically

thanks tony but…

after reading that let me give u some more info, this happens now when i dont start car for a while, like over night and the next mouring, and also i smelled gas when this was happening when i poped hood

if the main fuel relay only has problems when its hot out, then thats not my problem right now

heres my distribuor u see the hair line cracks on teh corner and up top? could this be my problem?

actually i have the exact same problem as you now too. only first thing in the morning it hesitates before it starts to crank… i’m going to first replace my cap/rotor/coil and see what happens.

mine cranks, just takes a extra second to start, this all started late last week, when car wouldnt start in the mouring, just cranked and cranked no start :\

i too and takin day off tomorrow and gonna investigate more :\

Hey I don’t know if this will help or not, but I had advanced my distibutor back in the winter and noticed that it took 21/2 or so cranks to turn over. I noticed in your picture or at least it look like you had your distributor advanced a little bit. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this tend to happen when you advance ignition timing? Just and idea…best of lick.


ah yes i was gonna set my timing back a bit, just cause my valves seem so f’in loud, i need to get a hold of somone who can help me do a valve job.

UPDATE: This mouring car started fine, usally now i get a weak sounding start like a weak crank when it starts for a split second, you know only somthing i would notice :\

Well, lets hope it stays that way!! Glad to hear it’s better.


nah its been like this for the week, its the thing im tryin to fix!

oh, I misread what you wrote…hoe you can get it fixed.

Originally posted by JETSWU87
nah its been like this for the week, its the thing im tryin to fix!

you should replace your distributor cap/rotor if you haven’t already. (those are cheap). and coil as well. (if you want I heard from BR that you can take your coil into the dealer and they can test it for you to see if it’s worth replacing if you don’t wanna throw down the extra cash)

yea autozone does the testing too, i thought u can test it at home, but im not sure how to do it, i thought u took the meter to the 2 screws while the car is in on postion. But i didnt get any reading so i know somthing im not doing right…i sanded my rotor a little bit so its silver cause it was kinda getting brown at the tip…cap looks fine, but im sure i could replace them

Just my 2 cents. Maybe a test light might help with electrical troubleshooting. Or an OHM meter (I think that’s what it’s called)

yea dude thats what i used