ok, need some help - head gasket and other shi*

well, it would seem as tho i have a falty headgasket. i am loosing coolant FAST, fill it up, drive 20 +/- miles and its EMPTY. no leaking on the ground…the guy who was ONCE my mechanic and has been a friend throughout the whole ordeal suggests that i have a blow head gasket.

so i emplor you all, how difficult is it? im going to do it myself, im no mechanic but ive done a fair share of things to my teg and i feel as tho i can handle it. however what should i buy? gasket KIT and do it all at once? OEM or something different? many of you may know that i am going all motor and have a stage II head as it sits…thats why i ask if i should go OEM or otherwise…

also, i was thinkin while the head is off and everything is apart i should perhaps send out the TB and have it bored…? can anyone provide me while the/a company that would do this? i remember reading a thread a WHILE back and the guy sent out his TB, they bored it (can’t remember to what) and he gave them a rave review and said he noticded a difference in his teg.

so anything else i should do while the head is going to be off?

any and ALL help is greatly appreciated. the teg is offically in my garage downstairs and im driving the buick again…thank god for the winter beater! (summer winter…its all the same i guess lol)

thanks in advance everyone


do you have oil in your coolant, or coolant in your oil?

i would check every hose that is related to the coolant system before trying to replace the head gasket you could have a pin hole leak that is just misting and it evaporates before it hits the ground. look around the throttle body area, iacv, fitv, and the intake manifold they all have coolant hoses.

well, ill ckeck but im loosing A LOT of coolant man…A LOT> lol i filled it up WELL pass the Max line and still bone dry after a 20 min drive…


are you talking about the resivoir? thats just an overflow, you may have a hole in that.

by the way, dont trust everyone that says there a mechanic.

thank you. i will check the over flow.

and thank you for trying to look out for me but my ‘mechanic’ is just that. a mechanic, he is the same man who has done every single thing to my car. ( aside from the last job, which is why i have a problem now) he is no LONGER my mechanic as he has moved to a different shop and they stick to electrical (stereo installs and such)

so ok, i will pop out the overflow and check tomorrow.


you can have your radiator tested also, i would check everything before taking off the head, i would hate to replace the head gasket and find out it was a .98 cent hose.

how do u tell when ur headgasket is shot? i drove my new teg 5 hours to get it home and i looked at it yesterday and there was some coolant on the block but all the coolant is in the rad. fluid looks a little rainbow-ey tho. does this mean i have oil in it? in not losing coolant tho.

rent one of those pressure gauges from auto-twilightzone and pump it up to 20 lbs or so. Then, remove all the spark plugs and put your hand over the holes while someone is cranking the engine.

If u get a mist of water on your hands from any of the holes, the gasket is leaking.

Try some block seal first, that may buy u some time to shop around for a head, or sell it!

there is pretty much zero chance Joe is gonna sell that head.

Usually if you are loosing coolant into the cylinders from a head gasket failure, especially at the rate you are loosing it, you will see steam coming out of your exhaust pipe. Also, there will be a distinct sweet smell of burning coolant.

ok so UPDATE:

i have been pouring the coolant into the overflow…today i poured it into the radiator…and its still there, about 12 hours later and 2 hours of driving. 1/2 hour of spirited driving.

so now what? lol, there is even some in the overflow when there wasn’t when i filled the radiator…?

i still think there is a leak of some sort at my head gasket, im going to clean off what is there tomorrow and see if the (oil i believe) comes back in the next few days.

i checked my dipstick and no coolant at the end, i took off the oil cap and no milkshake like substance there.

so i say again …now what :slight_smile:

and yea…NO c.hance that im sellin that head lol

thanks everyone


could try yanking the overflow (and tube) and just fill with water, see if they leak. I agree, losing that much coolant in 20 minutes should produce a lot of smoke.

again joe, did you check to see if your passenger side floor is getting wet… it may take a couple a days before you notice anything… but if it was your heater core that went… then you would notice by now, espeically w/ the amount of coolant youve been dumping in…

any smoke be blown??

ok heres what ya do, go get a compression gauge or ask ur mechanic buddy if he has one, do a compression test , if you have 2 cylinders next to each other with crappy readings then ur head gasket is blown… or get ur buddy to give u a " cylinder leakage tester " it will use compresses air into the clylinder like a compression test only what ya do is put it on, used compressed air into it… take the rad cap off and if u see bubbles then the head gasket is shot… thats the best way to test the head…


Jim, no wet floor man, so its not that.

tomorrow ill go and buy a compression gauge and i will do a comp test and go from there.

ive got some crap on my block right were it says ‘B18C’ (maybe oil?) im going to clean that off and see if that comes back…cause im guessing i could be losing oil through there?

and yes, i do have smoke. im not sure of the color tho and it is only when i floor it?



the B18C tag is at the rear end of the block, where it meets the clutch housing. no fluid behind there, shouldn’t be leaking.