okcity: Coilovers

I purchased a set of coil overs from this member and I was verry dissapointed in the condition. Right after I opened the box i checked everything turns out the rear shocks have next to zero rebound not leaking oil but definatly blown. Then one of the ground control perches has a screw stuck in it. Hopefully Ill be able to get it out or buy a new one from ground control if not ill be pretty screwed. I also never recieved a tracking number from him when he said he would send it twice. Just letting everyone know not all was disclosed in this transaction and I am unsatified.


Yeah… through his texts I didn’t feel like he was a helpful guy. I asked if these were DA specific and could I get pictures (first day he posted them for sale there was no picture for a good week) all I got was a “yes” and received no pictures. I didn’t buy them cause Bilstein doesn’t make a 90-93 integra shock so I knew this was a sketchy sale.

Too bad about the shocks and perch being seized. Fortunately Bilstein shocks are cheaper to rebuild than Koni shocks. Forgot about the price but its no where near the $100-125 range.

The trader rating should get fixed so we can avoid transactions and sellers like this.

that’s a damn shame

Damn, sorry about that. I was going to pull the trigger on those as well, but something told me to pass on mismatched stuff. I hope you get everything resolved man. Good luck.

Probably wont be seeing him around anymore. What are your plans for the suspension? Resale?

Here is the Tein rebuild site


c’mon for $300 what do you expect? Obviously for that price, there has to be something wrong with it. I saw that thread and for the price, it did interest me, but I knew it was too good to be true and there had to be a catch, so I passed up on it. But in the end of the day, you still came on top and you’ll still end up saving up some dough if you were to buy them new even after you get tein to rebuild them. I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but it definitely could of been worse as the seller is relatively new to the community and could of not even shipped them to you. You live, you learn, and move on…

WTF are you talking about? You expect what was advertised NO MATTER WHAT THE COST IS…and the ad clearly stated NONE of the struts were blown.

The bilsteins are actually perfectly fine. Thanks for the info tho ill look to see what car they are for so i wont destroy them. Im gonna rebuild the tein rears i have the tools and i sourced a new perch. Yeah guys like this drive me nuts. I was half way expecting it also. Not that big of a deal, the next guy might not be so lucky tho. What messed up is last night after I put the car away I got woken up my the sound of my 92 GSR starting by some kids. Lucky i have a kill switch so they didnt get away with it but they split as soon as they saw me on my porch with a baseball bat. Idk what going on karma maybe?

I know what i’m talking about, let me elaborate a little better :wink:

I’m merely providing constructive criticism. Regardless what was stated in the f/s thread, in general $300 for a set of used coilovers from a person who joined this forum this year with no feedback or reputation from this site is a HUGE red flag; I don’t care what was stated in the thread, to me it can be all a lie just to make a quick dollar which seems to the verdict of this transaction. Unless it was someone who has a reputation from this site, a friend, and/or someone who can vouch for the seller, then it may be worthwhile to jump on this deal. However in this case, neither credentials was there, so sh*t happens. And if you ever bought suspension stuff before, you know that $300 for “non-blown” coilover is too good to be true, as there are usually some underlying problems with them; there’s an old cliche which applies directly here: you get what you paid for! (not trying to bash at the OP) And to add on top of this, I wasn’t the only person skeptical about this; as if you have read the comments others members made in this thread, I was not the only one who had a similar thought process about this, including yourself! Regardless of what happened, the buyer is still getting an okay deal for what it is. All in all, if the Bilsteins are in okay shape, then it would probably cost ~$250 to have the teins rebuilt from tein directly, making the total alittle less than $600, which isn’t half that bad… lesson today, is be careful with who you deal with via online transaction.

Thats good to hear that the bilsteins are in okay shape. Hopefully they’re for an civic (ef/eg) or later year integra (dc), which then shouldn’t be a problem for you as it will bolt-on fine, though if they are the shock itself may be shorter than a DA one but again that wouldn’t be an issue to bolt on to the DA chasis. And again, i’m sorry to hear that this type of sketchy deal happened to you, let alone someone trying to steal your gs-r, that just ain’t right. Definitely be cautious if your parking your car out on the streets over night; try to get as many anti- theft deterrents as possible so it can slow down those pathetic thieves giving you additional precious seconds to catch/scare them before they take off.

O yea I forgot to mention that if you paid with paypal, definitely file a claim against the seller as the actual condition of the product received was not as described in his listing. Take screen shots of the thread, showing details and hopefully you can get a full refund if you just don’t want it, or a partial refund if you do want to keep it! Regardless do it ASAP!!! and good luck to ya!

I def. agree with this.

Just to add to this, please don’t associate all Oklahoma members with this single asshat. Not all of is are like him. Most of us are down to earth people with good morals. /rant