Omni Power full coilover kit

Has anyone heard of this company or using this full coilover on their g2? I saw this link on Honda-tech

Funny, I was just reading about it this very second. I love the shim kit, a bolt and four washers

OMNI is a newer company. A man who worked for Skunk2 started his own business and based all the crap on Skunk2, there you have it, no diff.

actually there’s a LOT of difference. you don’t know the whole story, so please, for the love of god, shut your mouth.

if you’re interested in steve’s products, he frequents rocket’s board (m24x.zeroforum<dot>com) quite a bit.

there is a difference. yes most of his stuff is based on skunk2 considering he was part of the production team if i remember correctly (maybe i don’t, sue me), but nothing is an exact copy. he has made improvemets on many things and come out with many new products that sk2 doesn’t offer, i.e. adjustable upper a-arm front camber kits for da integras. so before you call it crap, learn something about it first :read:

i remember it differently yes they resemble skunk2 products, becasue he designed them from what im told, and he left skunk2 to start his own company and took his designs with him

I heard they had given up on the adjustable A-arm for the DA.

they had, then they haven’t, now maybe they have, but they’re not sure…

i’ll put it this way. the only thing we know for CERTAIN is that there most definitely won’t be one out anytime soon. by soon i’m guessing at least the next year or so.

it’s due to the inner fenderwell of our cars. there’s a lip there that prevents too much positive camber adjustment. even with the ingalls, you can still smack it if your car is fairly low (like 3-ish inches) just because of the lip. i’ll get some photos this week of the lip so you guys all understand what i’m talking about. even if omnipower comes out with one, it’ll only offer 2, MAYBE 3 degrees of adjustment (whereas the other chassis he makes kits for allow for up to +/- 4 degrees). here’s the part where I eat my attitude i copped with omnipower in previous posts:

[size=5]It’s because of our cars, not because of Steve or Omnipower, that the development on these kits is taking so long.[/size]

right now, your options (something i’m considering) is to just trim a bit of the inner fenderwell (the metal, not just the plastic liner) where there could be balljoint interference and install the SPC balljoints. that’s my recommendation for someone who wants a quality camber adjustment kit for a DA. upper balljoints do eventually go bad, and rather than buy whole new arms to replace the upper balljoint (nobody sells just a balljoint for our arms), go with camber adjustment there. the bushings that attach to the strut tower are easily (and far more cheaply) replacable.

omnipower is a respected company imo. is there any way we could squeeze a few test pre production sets out of steve. i would be more than happy to pair it with an spc camber kit and not go too low. a 2 inch drop is all im looking for anyhow.

Just in time for Christmas!!!

Some good news from Bob Nichols at Omni Power.

We have them available for the DA however only the DA’s that use the eyelet style rear lower control arm…The good news is that we will have the fork style rear collars in stock in about 20 days. Once the rear lower fork style collars show up we will have all 90+ Integra models covered…Hang in there they are coming and they are going to be very nice!!

We will post up the news on our home page once they are ready to go…Unless you have eyelet style rear lower control arms…If you do have eyelet lca’s then we have them in stock ready to ship…

If you have any questions please feel free to call us any time at
951-956-6554 (9am-5pm Pacific)

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Thanks and best regards,

Bob Nichols
951-956-6554 Ph.
951-346-3390 Fax.

I have the Omnipower EG/DC coilovers on my car in the street spring rate spec. (10K/8K). I really do like them alot and there performance on the track at PIR has really proven there worth…

i’ve been wondering what the difference is between the sport and the street kit, and does anyone know which is stiffer for better handling?

well, resurrecting a 2-year-old thread is certainly a great way to get an answer to your question.

especially when the thread has little to nothing to do with your question.

do they still make these full coilover kits for our cars? cuz i was gonna get some like 5 months ago and was looking on there product list and didnt see our cars on there.

and to answer your ? the difference between them is the street kit has a 10k front and 8k rear spring rate and the the sport has a 12k front and 10k rear. to answer you question about whats stiffer, there ya go, and also look at the name of the kits, street and race, which do you think they would make stiffer? I highly doubt that there race set-up will be softer than the street set-up, I mean thats would be defeating the point of calling it a race set-up.

If you would have just read the description of the full CO kit you would have found the answer.

“We used spring (Street F=10K & R=8K) (Sport F=12K & R=10K) and damper rates that yield exceptional handling characteristics coupled with unsurpassed street drivability”