ON - manual seatbelt conversion for sale

i have everything for a manual seatbelt conversion, this includes belts, latches, trim pieces. looking to get 300obo, depending on the price i can ship it

i have 200 shipped? im really interested


Interested on these. Do you have the c pillar trims ?

so funny people sell these for over 200 dollars and at the wrecking yard the most id say, 50-60? LMAO

^ Canadian belts? Not too many in the states…

Hey If u find this for $50-$60 and if there the manual seat belt conversion not the electric then hook me up with a set cuz over in Cali u won’t find any at the junkyards unles they are 94 and up integras

yeah i can do 200 shipped inbox me where you are and we can talk

no c piller trims they should be the same anyway

They are structurally the same but the color is different. The Canadian pillar covers are black whereas the US ones are gray. Without the c-pillar covers the person will have to paint their original c-pillars and the ones from the manual belt conversion so that they all match.

The US ones also have the notch around the door for the seatbelt track and the Canadian ones are filled in correct?

hey send me an email at galaktik69@yahoo.com im interessted

is this fs still? i would buy it if you can get the c pillar trims as well///

let me know if the other guy doesnt want it i thanks

still for sale, but no c pillar trims

can you do 150 shipped to new jersey cause i will have to search for a black c piller just a offer thanks

I want these asap how much shipped to 06824 fairfield ct

So you still have this would buy if you did 200 shipped!!

Still have this? If so email me at dlo253@live.com thanks

paypal ready let me know geraldcorrao@yahoo.com

still available???