once removing glare guards on foglights

once i remove the glare guards from the foglights, they will still be yellow right? because the guard is just a cover right its not what makes it yellow? because i dont want to open it twice if i realize it aint. lol

The glare guards dont have anything with your bulbs being yellow. Its either the bulbs, or you have covers on them. I really wouldnt suggest taking off your glare guards thou, it annoys other drivers and i honestly think it made my bulbs not so bright.

ok if i dont take of the guards but put a higher wattage bulbs for the fogs will it help with the brightness?

you risk melting the lens.

i took the glare guards off mine. but i dont know, i dont notice any glare. the only difference is that when the fogs are on, you dont see the black circle caused by the glare guards. so it’s not really worth all the trouble. however if you have to take the lense off for another reason. such as renewing them or something else, then might as well take them off.

the way i did it, and i wouldnt recomend it is i just reached in the back with a pair of plyer and bent and pulled the glare guard out. It was kinda thick metal, thicker then i figured it would be, but i got it.

You can do this to the USDM foglight but not the JDM headlight. The JDM headlight has a yellow glass cover over the bulb that won’t give you access to the reflector. The only way to remove it is to take of the lence and unscrew it.

not to mention there also screwed down.

I had to renew my lenses, So I just pulled mine apart and unscrewed them.

This was Right after I pulled it apart, you can see how bad the lens was