one peice headlight blowing fuse problem

i have a set of one peice headlights in my car but the fog lights only worked for about an hour after installing… this is like my 10th set of these headligths i have installed… but i put a fuse in and press the foglight button and then the fuse blows…

any help would be apperciated

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Can’t be much help other then to say that there must be a short someplace, and if it worked for an hour and then began blowing fuses I would think the problem has to be one of the connections that you made is now shorting out.
Let me ask you this, do the head lights work, [both high and low beam]?
Are the fogs still wired so you have to have the lights on for them to work. if so, will the fuse blow when you turn on the fog light switch even if the head lights are off? :hmm: 94

i have the exact same problem the fuse keeps blowing and yes my headlights do work

Check the fog light wiring…when I put my 1 Piece’s in I must have blown that fuse 3 times cuz those two wires touched and shorted.

i just installed my one pieces and everything worked but the left headlight, the high beam works but not the low beam, i just changed the bulb and same problem can anyone help me? i know it might be the fuse but can anyone explain what i have to do? what fuse to change? and all that, cause im really dumb when it comes to electrical stuff in the car… Thanks in Advance


sounds more like a possible loose wire for that headlight connection. if low beams don’t work but high beams do on only one side

As tegguy said it may be a bad connection for the left low beam, [red/yellow] and it is fused at fuse 4 - 10A in under dash fuse box, this is also the fog light switch fuse, [not to be confused with the fog light fuse, fuse 19 - 15A in under dash fuse box].
the other light fuses are…
left high-fuse 10 - 10A
right high-fuse 9 - 10A
right low-fuse 3 - 10A
and the main fuse for lights is fuse 33 - 50A in under hood fuse box. :wink: 94