Only one fog light dead?

I noticed the other day while driving that only one fog was dead. When I pulled the bulb, it looked fine, so I put another one in that I know is good and it didn’t work either. Anyone have this happen and have thoughts on what to check? Clearly it is wiring / harness…

is there a right and left fuse for the lights? if you have a volt meter check to see if your getting a current

Check the ground for the fog light that is not working.

There is only one fuse for the fog lights, fuse 19 - 15A, [hot at all times] in under dash fuse box.

As mentioned, test for power at the bulb housing, also test for ground at the bulb housing, grounds are black and powers, [12V+] are red/blue at bulb housing and they are plugged into a red/black, another thing to check is that connection that the bulb housing is plugged into.:cross:94

I checked the fuse box and it looks like it is for both of them since there was only one, and it must work because the other one is fine. I don’t have a VM but I have a continuity checker that I can at least verify the lack of current… What other things might I check? I do have a Helms too, so I will be going through that tonight.

fcm got one in before me…thanks will be checking stuff tonight.

Didn’t get to it last night; it will have to wait until this weekend:tapfing: