opening ds door doesnt turn on dome light

i know this has been covered befor but i just cant seem to find the thread. im pretty sure its in tegtips. dammnit.
when i open then drivers side door the dome light wont come on. where to start?

the sliding switch on the door frame. the contact gets rusty and no longer makes a connection. remove and clean, typically with sandpaper.

ya. that thing moves fine. but i’ll take it apart tomarrow and check her out.

movement isn’t the issue. the frame of the slider is grounded through the screw to the car body, while the sliding part has a metal spade which contacts the frame in the open position, and has a wire attached which goes to the lights. the contact point between the spade and the frame gets rusty, and it no longer makes a good connection when they are physically touching.

Although more then likely the problem, [rusty contact of either the switch to the cars body or the sliding part to the fixed part] the another possibility is the “ICU”, unlike stated the wire connected to the switch does not go to the dome light, [like pass door(s)] it goes to the ICU and is isolated from the other doors, this is so only the drivers door triggers the key in and lights on warning chimes.
But as stated it is probably a rusty switch, [most common problem] wiring is second and ICU third :whisper:94

dag/ thanks guys.
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so. turns out the wire for the trip switch is tapped with a wire running to a very poorly cluttered clifford.

LOL, marry you, only if you are female, under 5’5" have blond hair and blue eyes, and are somewhere between 45 and 55 years old, [wouldn’t be able to keep up with anyone younger] oh yea, you have to be a hotty. :corn:

If the Clifford, [alarm I assume] is wired to the drivers door switch only, then only the driver’s door will trigger the alarm, if both doors have been wired to the alarm, [not the right way to do it] than diodes would have to have been installed to keep an open pass. door from triggering the key in ign./lights on warning chimes, BTW have you gotten the drivers door to turn on the dome light yet? :cross: 94

yessir. i cleaned up the trip switch and swapped it for the rear one which was much cleaner. took out the wire from the clifford and all is well. now i have a HUGE pile of alarm system which was tedious to disect and not kill the car. anyone want a full alarm system. no instructions.

i had the same problem before. First i took the thing off and cleaned it up with sandpaper, then i had to replace the spring b/c it wasn’t strong enough. Now it works.

I want a full alarm system!

Is it pretty complicated. Could a regular electronics lackey like me install it?

Yes. :corn: 94

ya… its a bagfull of jumbled wires, not colormatched to car, no manual, has a brain and a couple relays(?) or something, a couple harnesses. my friend says its a 800$ system. hes a honda mech, but i cannot verify that statement. i think ud have to be a little skilled with wires, wiring, and searching for the wire diagram and or instructions. i will trade it for almost anything. yup. pretty much anything.