opinion on enkei

I was thinking of running a set of 17" Enkei MM2’s with Nitto NT-555’s. What are your thoughts on Enkei, Overall I have heard nothing but good things about them. If I run a 205/40ZR-17 84W, will that negatively affect my speedo or anything? Thanks Guys.


Enkei has been making good wheels for YEARS. I’ve never seen the MM2’s…do you have a pic?

Here is a pic, Discount Tire has them with the NT-555’s for 800 shipped.


a bigger wheel will affect the speedo.

yes it will effect the speedo having a larger wheel, but with the proper tire size you can minimize it. so there is more to it than just the wheel size.

you said they come with a 205/40/17 tire size, then you dont have to much to worry about because it is just slightly larger than stock, when your speedo says 60mph you’ll actually be going 60.6mph, so it isnt such a big deal

in that link are a couple good tire size calculators that you could go play around with

Alex pheffier(sp?) has those enkei double 6spoke rims on his s2000. They hold up to his drifting…so I’d guess their wheels are a quality product.

Oh man I didnt even realize that Phifer runs Enkei. That RSR S2000 is pretty mean. Yeah I figured that the small size increase would only effect the speedo minimally. Thanks for the help.



Wheels have NOTHING to do with the speedometer. The outer diameter/circumference of the tire is the ONLY thing that has an effect on the speedometer.

17 inch I assume? They’re not a bad looking wheel…

yeah they are 17’s, i thought they were pretty clean to.


at least you know how to put the caps on

Enkei’s are awesome wheels. I am running their F5’s on my truck in 22". Before that, I used to have their K’rupt’s in 23". I’d roll some on my car, but they don’t make any 16" wheels.

enkei makes honda/acura wheels too

sure they do. I have 16" RS6s

ok i take that back. They do make like 2 16" wheels in their racing line, and like 3 in their performance line. Only problem is i don’t really like those styles. And in the racing line, the 16" is only in silver, while the other colors are in 17" but not 16". I like the RP03, EVO5, ZR1 and RSV’s but they are all 17"-up. And i’m sure i could get hooked up on them since they sponsor my truck.

jesus christ thats ugly. IMO, go with some kind of honda/acrua rim or some kind of rota. Otherwise it just doesnt really fit the car…

honda/acura rim or rotas? Well if that hasn’t been played out yet. Whats wrong with buying some quality rims that you won’t see on every other teg?

i like my 16" enkeis

^^^ Clean… you fuckin pic whore… :attn: :smiley:

PLAYED OUT! SI’s!!!11!!!

just kidding, i love my car

i say get whatever wheels you like

i was looking into enkei’s racing line and they have some badass wheels, but since most of the cool ones were only 17"+, i had to pass. IMO i don’t think bigger wheels flow with our cars

some of my friends have enkei’s on their cars, looks like solid wheels to me